What we offer


  • Presenting tailor-made strategies for long term growth, whether services or products
  • Generating appropriate frameworks and guidelines for your business
  • Defining customized business visions with financial predictions and timelines
  • Working on your Visibility, Credibility and Expertise regarding your market to obtain Client Trust


  • Visibility : Establishing new networks in various tradeshows, events to generate new leads and create your pipeline. Connecting and working with your future decision makers.
    “Creating your future sales”
  • Expertise : Building your Unique Selling Proposition (USP Model) to stand out in your market. Working on your uniqueness to be the leader in your field. The USP Model will differentiate your solutions and products from your main competitors in order to become an expert in the market.
    “Consolidating your foundation in the market”
  • Credibility : Organizing conferences within specific clusters and associations in your sales sectors with your experts. This enhances and strengthens your reliability in your market.
    “Reinforcing reliability for your prospects”


  • Establishing and assisting your marketing activities through tradeshows, working on your social selling
  • Outsourcing your sales operations to manage your pipeline, leads, emailing, cold calls, business meetings, RFI (Request for Information), RFP (Request for Prices), KPI (Key performance Indicators), SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and ROI (Return On Investment). Expanding your business network relationships
  • Launching your new business development using fundamental sales tools to clinch new deals and maintaining existing clients. End-to-end solutions for your whole cycle of sales
  • Providing key steps to prepare for your successful negotiations in face-to-face meetings and follow-ups until the deal is signed
  • Supporting the launch of your new services or products to gain new clients and to find a profitable markets globally
  • Organizing your CRM, such as Salesforce or Oracle. Developing your processes and procedures to maximize the volume of your opportunities and leads


Delivering and customizing key business processes for your organization.
Fundamental practical business and marketing tools to establish the foundation of your business :

  • SWOT diagram analyzes your trend in the market versus your main competitors
  • Market mapping helps companies locate problem areas by examining related variables
  • Greiner Curve graph examines the fundamental steps of your business growth ; anticipating possible hurdles and resolving them
  • PORTER’s Five Forces determine attractiveness of your services and products


  • Pipeline models delivers your future leads to convert them into existing clients
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) model assists you to define your uniqueness in the market
  • Uniqueness diagram helps your organization to identify your sustainable oneness vs your competitors


  • SPIN Selling global method is the sales solution to structure your face-to-face business meetings with prospects and clients
  • Key open questions to co-build customized proposals
  • BDNT gives guideline to obtain your clients’ Budget, Decision makers, Needs, Timelines