Business activities for your start-up, small, medium-size and global companies to reach sales targets.


Business frameworks, processes and models to maximize the closing of new contracts or renewing existing partnerships.


A foundation for your sales division. Providing pillars and fundamental keys to organize your sales teams to reach goals.


Your marketing plans, events and pipelines ; finding new clients, penetrating new countries with Pragmatic Sales Solutions to start and develop your business.


Your sales workforce, giving conferences to share my business insights and auditing your current sales organization towards excellence.

Delivering high levels of expertise with Pragmatic Sales Solutions - across the globe

BSNFBusiness Strategy Nicolas Fluder – is able to support your sales division, to develop your future Business Activities, Strategies, Plans, Models and Tools, globally – for a long or short term partnerships – depending on your sales targets and goals.
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Founder’s Interview

Welcome to my business strategy enterprise. I would be delighted to share my vision and insights with my Pragmatic Sales Solutions!

What we offer


  • Presenting tailor-made strategies for long term growth, whether services or products
  • Generating appropriate frameworks and guidelines for your business
  • Defining customized business visions with financial predictions and timelines
  • Working on your Visibility, Credibility and Expertise regarding your sales market to obtain Client Trust


  • Establishing and assisting your marketing activities through tradeshows, working on your social selling
  • Outsourcing your sales operations to manage your pipeline, leads, emailing, cold calls, business meetings, RFI (Request for Information), RFP (Request for Prices), KPI (Key performance Indicators), SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and ROI (Return On Investment). Expanding your business network relationships


Delivering and customizing key business processes for your organization :

  • SWOT Diagram, Market mapping and Greiner Curve
  • Pipeline and lead models, Unique Selling Proposition diagram
  • SPIN® Selling by Neil Rackham, global method and BDNT procecesses
  • Key open questions

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